Hempcrete Holiday in the Alps anyone?

Free food, and accommodation in the beautiful French Alps in exchange for your work casting hempcrete in a new build Alpine chalet.

Alps Hempcrete Free food and accomodation

The view from the site!

Summer’s (nearly) here… and the hempcrete season has begun! We’re posting this for some clients of ours who are self-building a timber frame and hempcrete chalet near Chamonix in the French Alps. They are looking for enthusiastic volunteers – preferably with some previous experience of building or practical skills, and an interest in sustainable construction  – to help with the hempcrete installation.

Start date: 13th June 2016 with people needed until mid/late July 2016. Minimum commitment 1 week, this can be extended by mutual agreement once on site.

if you have a particular skill in carpentry, you could start earlier (around 7th June) to help construct the shuttering.

In exchange for your labour during the hempcrete casting phase, the clients will provide:


  • a chance to learn more about, and get hands on experience with, hempcrete
  • free (shared) accommodation
  • some time off to enjoy the beautiful surroundings
  • free (communal) veggie meals

All you have to do is get yourself to the alps. Contact the clients for more information on the best transport connections.



contact Marita on jmvo@orange.fr – don’t leave it too long, as Hempcrete Holidays are always popular!



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  1. Kirsyie Wulf

    I am a building designer and have built a hemp house in Australia and would love to come, but given the distance that sort of travel needs to be arranged a long way in advance. I will be travelling to northern Europe next european summer. Please let me know of any similar opportunity that might be available next year.

  2. David Tolle

    My wife and I would love to help with your project. I’ve been researching Hempcrete construction and I am fascinated with the technique. Unfortunately, my knowledge is all via the internet as we live in the U.S. which is only now becoming hemp friendly. We would love the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as we help with your adventure. We actually have flights booked into London July 19th and departing August 2nd. We had planned to meet our son in Scotland but his internship plans changed, so we are open to an experience such as this. Hoping our travel dates correlate with your construction schedule and hoping transportation to your site from London is not too difficult. We do have some general construction experience as we had a hand in building our former home.

  3. Eugen Stramaturaru

    Hi Alex,

    I would like to know where you will have a new project net year, please.

    Thank you in advance.

    I look forward for your reply.



    Well I see, I am pretty late to read this blog. Please let me know of any such volunteer programmes in 2017/18. I would love to help and learn.
    P.S. I am a chemical engineer from India.

  5. Paul Gorman

    I’m interested in this idea of helping with a hemp project. Im based in Ireland but will travel anywhere to a suitable project. I’m an experienced builder with electrical and plumbing skills and I’ve managed projects hands on for years. I’m especially interested in retrofit but new build is also ok. Oct. 2017

    1. Pieter De Backer

      Hey Paul,

      I just read your post. My name is Pieter, a Belgian living in Slovenia. We are building our own house this summer with wooden frame and hempcrete. If you would be willing, we’d would love to have a skilled guy like you with us during the build. You can call me on this number: 00386 31 541 758

      With kind regards,


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