Consultancy sessions for architects and other professionals

While architects, inspectors, planners and other industry professionals may well be interested in attending our practical training courses, others will have a more specific interest in the design considerations when using hempcrete, and the proper detailing of the material within a building.

Indeed, this is an important area, since – as with all natural materials – effective detailing and consideration of the material within a hollistic understanding of the building, is a crucial factor in the success, ease of contruction and overall cost of a hempcrete build.

We have dealt with many of the issues around Hempcrete design and detailing in The Hempcrete Book, but as the material becomes ever more widespread in the UK construction industry, with construction methods and specific hempcrete materials ever-evolving, many professionals choose to purchase a CPD training session to ensure that their whole team is kept up to date with the latest issues in hempcrete design.

To ask about CPD sessions for your practice, or discuss your team’s training needs, contact us.