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Whether you are a building contractor, or an architect, the first time you are asked to work with hempcrete it can be a daunting prospect. At UK Hempcrete we have a wealth of experience, and can provide the necessary training and consultancy to make sure your project runs smoothly.


Most architects we meet are enthusiastic about working with hempcrete and other natural materials, due to the thermal performance and eco-credentials of the material, as well as the prospect of a very high standard of finish and aesthetic value that such projects can produce.

In particular, architects love hempcrete, for its natural design flexibility; a cast material finished with a wide range of textured and coloured breathable plasters and renders, timber or masonry cladding. Hempcrete has the flexibility to produce a wide range of styles, from sleek modern lines, to neo-vernacular curves and will suit nearly every project for above-ground applications.

However, the correct detailing of hempcrete and other natural materials is vital to the success and cost-effectiveness of the project and not all architects will feel comfortable to detail the hempcrete elements, or how they interact with other parts of the building. Common areas of difficulty are effective detailing at the plinth, eaves and roof overhang, and timber frame arrangement especially where a mixture of finishes (e.g. render and cladding) are to be used.

Through our own design and build work over the years, our on-going consultancy work with other architects, and close liaison with material manufacturers and others in the industry, UK Hempcrete has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience about the effective detailing of hempcrete.

We offer a consultancy service to architects and clients to assist with the detailing of individual projects, and can also assist with any planning issues, and provide budget estimates for constructing a building from hempcrete.

We are in the process of developing CPD sessions for architects, which we intend to offer on a regional and individual practice basis.

If you are interested in booking a CPD session for your practice, please contact us.


The construction method, while low-tech and easily achievable, is quite different from modern conventional construction, and in the past this has led to builders “coming un-stuck” on site by making simple mistakes which could have been avoided with a better understanding of the materials and process involved. Luckily such mistakes rarely causes catastrophic problems, but it is easy to unnecessarily extend the drying time of the cast material, which inevitably adds delay and cost to the build, causing problems for builders, clients and project managers.

Because cast-on-site hempcrete uses methods which are recognizable to all builders (wet-mixing and casting in formwork), there is a temptation to treat it like any modern construction material, and to “get stuck in” without gaining the basic understanding of the materials and construction methods, which would prevent problems with the build.

UK Hempcrete offers contractors and self-builders hands on experience of hempcrete, and the proper training to give you peace of mind when using hempcrete on your project.

To find out about our introductory training days, and bespoke on-site training packages for contractors, click here.

For a complete construction manual and to gain a thorough knowledge of the materials, read our book.