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Case Study: New Build Hempcrete House, Derbyshire

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Our latest case study is a 3 storey large detached family hempcrete home, which was recently completed in late 2021. UK Hempcrete providing consultancy, site training and material supply, as well as the UKH construction team finishing off the timber frame and Hempcrete works for the client, and lime rendering it.

Our clients for this project first met Alex Sparrow (our director) at Grand Designs Live in 2015, and purchased their site in 2017. The clients were set on building an alternative eco home, and considered many construction materials (such as straw bale, SIPS panels, brick clad lightweight timber) before committing to hempcrete construction. Hempcrete’s thermal mass, ecological performance and it being a self-build friendly material were of particular importance for the clients.

The design is contemporary, with the most striking feature being an almost fully glazed Southern façade, which looks out over the long garden. The walls are 400mm thick site cast hempcrete, rendered in lime externally and plastered in lime internally. The roof is insulated with sheep wool insulation and rigid wood fibre board insulated sarking.

Make sure to read the full case study to find out more about the design, materials used and construction processes. 

Do you have a bio-based project? UK Hempcrete can provide design consultancy and training, as well as design services from our in house design practice, Studio Bio. Whatever stage your project is at, get in touch to see how we can help.

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