As well as having excellent sustainability credentials, hempcrete is a fun, lightweight, rewarding material to build with. Once a few important principles are understood, the technique of hempcrete mixing and casting should not be beyond the reach of any builder or competent DIYer.

However because the materials are by their very nature quite different from conventional building materials, there have been many instances where novice hempcrete builders, through lack of understanding, make simple mistakes (often with the detailing of the material, or the construction technique itself) which can cause unnecessary headaches on a build.

At UK Hempcrete we are keen for hempcrete to be used as much as possible, but it is important that builders develop the necessary skills and understanding to use it properly. To help disseminate quality information about the use of hempcrete in construction, we have co-written The Hempcrete Book, as well as provide training days to suit a range of needs and enquiries.

Training Courses

Our 1- or 2-day introductory courses (hosted in various sustainability centres around the UK) offer groups of around 10-16 people the chance to:

  • find out about the hemp building industry
  • learn the important underpinning principles of using hempcrete
  • get hands on experience of constructing a hempcrete wall, including mixing and placing hempcrete, and applying finishes
  • get expert answers to questions about their own hempcrete project.

The courses are suitable for builders, home owners, architects or interested people. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Upcoming Courses

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We hope to soon announce a date for our Introduction to Hempcrete course at the Derbyshire Eco Centre. Make sure you register for training updates using the form on the right hand side of this page! 

The first course of the year will be a one day event held in Derbyshire at the county’s Eco Centre. The centre offers a high quality, enjoyable and supportive environment in which to learn the skills we need to lead lower carbon lifestyle.

This one day ‘Introduction to Hempcrete’ course gives participants an overview of hempcrete building in the UK today, and the basic construction process when using hempcrete in new build. The day will be filled with theory-based content and practical sessions. Giving participants a chance to handle, and get familiar, with hempcrete after having their questions answered.

For information about this, or any of our other courses, please contact us at, or on 01629 343 143.

We will be in Brighton again in 2023 (date TBC) with our two day course held at the Brighton Permaculture Trust. The two day structure means a more in depth course, and we have time for theory sessions looking at hempcrete in new build and historic buildings, and number of practical sessions over the weekend.

The practical sessions give ample time for all participants to get hands on experience of all aspects of constructing a new build hempcrete wall (timber frame, shuttering, mixing and placing hempcrete, and lime plastering), as well as installing hempcrete in a historic timber frame panel.

Click here for booking and further information:

For information about this, or any of our other courses, please contact us at, or on 01629 343 143.

Our course at CAT is also a one day taster, but with a difference. Entitled Hempcrete: Retrofitting for Self-builders, it focuses solely on the use of hempcrete to add insulation to traditional and historic buildings, and provides a balance of theory and practical sessions. These give participants a basic understanding of the issues when using hempcrete in existing buildings, and also the chance to put their knowledge into practice; casting hempcrete against a solid wall and in a timber frame panel, as well as trying their hand at lime plastering.

For any queries about this particular course, please contact CAT directly, at or 01654 704966


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Excellent tutor, great demos and hands on experience. Would do it again and fully recommend it!

Mr G (Eco Centre training course attendee)

I have been on many different training courses over the past 20 years, but this one is no doubt one of the best! Beautiful venue and surroundings, as well as the people involved. It is like a short holiday break where you can learn new skills!

Mr S (Brighton Permaculture Trust training course attendee)

Very informative, great course, highly recommend it!

Mr and Mrs Mc (Eco Centre training course attendees)

Alex’s teaching was first-class! I learnt more practical and usable information about this particular method of construction over the two days the course ran than I did about multiple building systems in two years of architectural school.

Mr O (Brighton Permaculture Trust training course attendee)

Click here to read an article written by one of our Brighton Permaculture Trust course attendees.

On-Site Training

For a self-builder or building contractor new to hempcrete, who has a build starting soon, a bespoke on-site training package may be more appropriate. This will involve a member of UK Hempcrete visiting your site to provide training at the start of the build and throughout the build as necessary, to get your team to the point that you feel confident using the material.

This option has the following advantages:

  • bespoke training can be tailored to your exact needs
  • your whole team can be trained on site; a more cost-effective solution
  • training can be combined with hire of our specialist hempcrete mixer for your project.

To ask about bespoke training packages, or discuss your team’s training needs, contact us.

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