Hempcrete is an easy material to use however it is very important to fully understand its attributes when designing and detailing the building in order to achieve a successful project. Key details such as the plinth, the timber frame, the eaves and the finishes can greatly affect how easy the hempcrete is to install, and more importantly how well it works when the building is in use.  To make the most of this unique material we would recommend a consultancy session at design stage. To reduce costs and our carbon footprint, we often do initial consultancy sessions via Zoom, Teams or similar.

Many clients come to us for an initial consultancy session in the early conceptual stages of their project to learn more about the material and construction possibilities. They then follow this up by getting us involved when the architects have drawn up the general scheme of the building, so that we can assist with detailing the Hempcrete elements before the construction drawings are finalised.

As consultants we offer:

  • assistance with detailing the Hempcrete elements of the building
  • consultancy by the hour for building designers and clients
  • Skype consultancy sessions for overseas clients, or to minimise client’s expense and carbon footprint
  • report writing for owners of historic buildings to satisfy planning and listed buildings authorities

These sessions are held by director of UK Hempcrete, Alex Sparrow, experienced educator and author of The Hempcrete Book: designing and building with hemp lime.

To discuss our fees or to book a session, please contact us at

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