Material Supply

Whatever the size of your Hempcrete project, UK Hempcrete is happy to supply materials.

We supply binder and hemp shiv for cast-on-site Hempcrete, pre-cast Hempcrete blocks and all other associated materials including lime mortar, cork/wood fibre insulation boards and plaster and render.

When you buy from UK Hempcrete you do so safe in the knowledge that you are buying reputable, fully-tested Hempcrete materials from the industry leaders. You will benefit from our years of experience in Hempcrete construction and expert sales advice, as our specialist team assists you in choosing the right materials for your unique project.

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For more information about our products or to get a quote, please use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.


hemp shiv hempcrete binder

UK-grown hemp shiv and a lime binder are wet-mixed on site to create Hempcrete.

This method makes it easy to eliminate thermal bridging and optimises air-tightness in your building, but requires a skilled contractor to apply the Hempcrete on site. Cast-on-site Hempcrete allows a simple design and optimum thermal efficiency, but requires around 8 weeks’ drying time before render and plaster finishes can be applied. This drying time can be significantly extended if casting in winter months.


Pre-cast Hempcrete blocks have the advantage of zero on-site drying time and ease of application.

Our blocks measure 60cm (L) x 30cm (H) and are available in a variety of thicknesses (between 7.5cm and 36cm) to suit your project. Currently we supply blocks in whole pallets only. See our price list or get in touch using the form below to discuss your individual requirements and get a quote.

For more information about our products or to get a quote, please use the form below.

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