Even though our living space has increased a lot when you built our extension, our heating bills now are less than we were paying before Ms T (New Build Hempcrete extension, London)
When my (c16 timber frame) house was insulated with polystyrene insulation in the wall panels it was so cold, and I could only afford to have the heating on in three rooms. Since you installed hempcrete infill in all the panels, it is so much warmer. I have the heating on in every room now, yet I am using a lot less oil than I used to when I heated just a third of the house! Ms G (Hempcrete infill to large timber framed Tudor house, Oxfordshire)
There are several small bits of detail and technique we would not have got right without your help so very glad of your help and hard work. Dr S (New build hempcrete house, Hampshire)
Thanks so much for spending the time helping me out with consultancy about building details and my hempcrete order. I was trying to meet last minute deadlines and your advice and support really helped. Mr B (Self-builder, Greater Manchester)
Thanks for all your hard work, the lime plastering looks fantastic! Mr and Mrs S (Lime plastering onto hempcrete, N. Wales)
Your team have a been a pleasure to work with, and so enthusiastic! Ms H (Hempcrete new build house, Devon)