So what exactly can you can use hempcrete for? In new-build, hempcrete is most commonly used to make walls, but can also be used to form floor slabs, ceilings, and roof insulation. Hempcrete walls In contrast to conventional insulation materials (which tend to be installed in a cavity within the wall, or added to wall […]

I own this gorgeous grade II listed timber framed building that dates from the 13th Century. Last year, one of the corner posts disintegrated and during the repairs, we discovered that at some point in its recent past, the walls had been repaired using concrete, tar paper and various other non suitable materials.  The result […]

This blog is taken from a talk given by our very own Will at the Grand Designs live in London 2012. Description Timber (elm) framed barn on a green sandstone rubble to the ground floor.  About 50 years ago the wattle and daub had been replaced in the in-fill panels with cement render on a […]