Who are UK Hempcrete?

UK Hempcrete is a Derbyshire-based company specialising in the design and construction of buildings using hempcrete and other low-impact, vapour-open, healthy building materials. Together our expert team has decades of experience specifying hempcrete and other natural construction materials. Our core business is working with architects, contractors, homeowners and business clients, both in the U.K and internationally, to pioneer genuine sustainability in the construction industry. We provide a complete suite of services including consultancy, design, contractor training, material supply and installation services for projects involving hempcrete and other bio-based construction materials.

Alex Sparrow, Founder and MD at UK Hempcrete, is a specialist in bio-based construction; from designing and constructing buildings, to development of the sector nationally and internationally through his consultancy work. He co-authored The Hempcrete Book; Designing and Building with Hemp-lime, which is recognised as the definitive guide to hempcrete construction.

Do you sell hempcrete?

Yes, we supply hempcrete and many other natural building materials. We supply construction materials through Natural Building Store.

Hempcrete can be purchased in its raw components (bales of hemp shiv and a specially-formulated hydraulic lime binder) for mixing on site,  or as precast hempcrete blocks. For commercial scale projects we recommend using a precast application; hempcrete blocks or off-site hempcrete panels. For advice about hempcrete options for commercial construction contact our team on 01629 343 143 or office@ukhempcrete.com.

Can you give me a price for installing hempcrete on my project?

Yes, when you get in touch about your hempcrete project we will be able to provide a quote for material supply and installation. Depending on the nature and location of your project we will discuss with you the most appropriate option for realising your hempcrete building – cast-on-site hempcrete, precast blocks or off-site panels. We can then provide you with an installation quote, or connect you with installers in your area.

Do you supply prefabricated hempcrete panels?

Whilst we do not currently have an off-the-shelf hempcrete panel system for sale, we have constructed prefabricated panels in the past and would happily work with you to specify and produce an off-site panel solution for your project.

How can I ensure that my building is designed correctly?

The best way to ensure that your project is designed correctly is to work with professionals who have experience with that material. Hempcrete is unlike conventional construction methods, so it is important to appoint a designer who can design details that are thermally and economically efficient.

UK Hempcrete’s specialist design service, Studio Bio, provides all stages of architectural design delivered by a team who specialise in the construction detailing of hempcrete and other natural construction materials. For more information, or to request a fees quote, contact 01629 343 143 or design@ukhempcrete.com

Architects who are not used to working with hempcrete and other natural materials may not find it easy to detail buildings correctly when using these materials. Designing a building using natural construction materials demands an understanding of how thermal performance and vapour movement interact in a dynamic building envelope, to ensure that the risk of interstitial condensation is eliminated. 

In addition, novel materials which are not widely used may have implications for the build process, and may need to be finished differently or detailed differently in how they interact with adjacent materials in the building. This is not an insurmountable problem and can usually be solved simply by the architect finding out about hempcrete and natural building; for example by reading around the subject, visiting existing buildings or buying in consultancy from a company such as UK Hempcrete, that specialises in the use of hempcrete. 

When designing for cast in situ hempcrete, it’s important to remember that significant cost savings can be made at the construction stage, if the building is designed by someone who has a good understanding of energy efficiency within the specialist construction process. Paying a little more up front for specialist design can save money later on site.