Who are UK Hempcrete?

UK Hempcrete is a Derbyshire-based company specialising in the design and construction of buildings using hempcrete and other low-impact, vapour-open, healthy building materials. Together our expert team has decades of experience specifying hempcrete and other natural construction materials. Our core business is working with architects, contractors, homeowners and business clients, both in the U.K and internationally, to pioneer genuine sustainability in the construction industry. We provide a complete suite of services including consultancy, design, contractor training, material supply and installation services for projects involving hempcrete and other bio-based construction materials.

Alex Sparrow, Founder and MD at UK Hempcrete, is a specialist in bio-based construction; from designing and constructing buildings, to development of the sector nationally and internationally through his consultancy work. He co-authored The Hempcrete Book; Designing and Building with Hemp-lime, which is recognised as the definitive guide to hempcrete construction.