What are the challenges to using hempcrete?

As a relatively new material, which is quite different from most conventional building materials, cast-on-site hempcrete can be tricky to work with until some key concepts and techniques are understood. The only downside of hempcrete’s recent rapid acceptance as a building material across the UK, is the fact that examples can be found where a lack of understanding of the material and correct construction techniques resulted in problems with the build process. 

This is especially common where inexperienced contractors expect hempcrete to behave in the same way as conventional building materials. However, the problems which arise are not usually long term or serious, and with a little basic knowledge and the proper training,  casting hempcrete on site is a straightforward and rewarding way to build.  

For large commercial projects, the on-site drying time of cast-in-situ hempcrete can cause problems with the schedule as the length of drying time varies depending on the weather conditions. For this reason we always recommend a precast hempcrete application (blocks or panels) for commercial scale projects.