How much will my hempcrete building cost to build?

We supply construction materials through Natural Building Store.

The development cost for hempcrete buildings can of course vary. This depends on: the design; the type of hempcrete application; the scale of the project; the standard of finishes required; and a host of other factors. Understandably, contractors and quantity surveyors are not always confident at pricing a project using new materials such as hempcrete and other bio-based construction materials.

Clients want to know early on that hempcrete and other natural materials will be affordable within the project otherwise there is little point including them in the design. For this reason, UK Hempcrete has developed an easy to use Hempcrete Project Budget Estimating Tool for domestic clients to use alongside early design stages to build an accurate budget estimate. We can provide a specialist Cost Consultancy service alongside this to help the client estimate the cost of installing hempcrete and other natural material elements on the project.

For commercial scale projects we are able to assist clients and quantity surveyors to develop an accurate cost model for projects involving hempcrete and other bio-based construction materials alongside their specification in the building.