We specialise in building with hempcrete and other natural materials in new build and renovation projects. From a small extension or garden workshop to building or restoring a whole house we have the practical and technical expertise to create a healthy, breathable and sustainable building.

Main Contractor

As a main contractor we are unique in having the skills in house to construct the entire thermal envelope of your hempcrete building from foundations and plinth through timber frame to hempcrete and lime finishes. This has the distinct advantage for the client of a smoother build, more certain build time and one point of contact for the construction process. We employ local sub-contractors, usually recommended by the client and/or architect, for works such as electrics, plumbing and roofing.


As a specialist sub-contractor we complete hempcrete projects both nationally and internationally. We may be coming in to retrofit a small hempcrete floor in a Victorian terrace or cast the hempcrete walls for an entire house. We also provide timber framing and lime plastering services as a specialist subcontractor. In either case it is a good idea for us to consult with the building designer at design stage to ensure all the hempcrete details are correct and the general building details are compatible with hempcrete to ensure the hempcrete installation runs smoothly.